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Just be aware that whoever is doing the work should watch the video from beginning to end before drilling your rifle.

Leatherwood Hi-Lux 4-16x44mm Rifle

The instructions incorrectly tell you to mount that rear base you see against the rear sht base. You can see here that the base will not center on the mount, and this important because there are notches inside the base that are supposed to line up.

<em>Leatherwood</em> <em>Scope</em> eBay

Leatherwood Scope eBay

The Hi-Lux/Leatherwood 8X USMC sniper scope is an exact replica of the one used by Carlos Hatchock, legendary sniper and sniper trainer from Vietnam, who had 93 confirmed s with his Winchster Model 70, as well as 1903 Springfields and even a .50 cal. He used a scope on all those rifles just like this.

Leatherwood Hi-Lux 4-16x44mm Rifle Scope -

The difficult thing about this scope is mounting it.

Leatherwood art scope manual:

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