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But for me, I was lucky that the batteries didn't leak and corrode the radio.

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This 200 channel scanner was kind of advanced at the time. Like other scanners of the era, programming this by hand was always a snap (unlike most scanners and dual band handhelds of today). It still retains frequencies and works again full force!

Download <em>Radio</em> <em>Shack</em> Scanner <em>Pro-60</em> User's <em>Manual</em> - ManualAgent

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It was also able to pick up the FM broadcast band (a rarity) in handheld scanners of that era. It's triple conversion shines and I have never encountered any problems with overload or images. of course, all the freqs are invalid since the move was 250 miles away.

Download Radio Shack Scanner Pro-60 User's Manual - ManualAgent

In addition it also covered the 220 Mhz band (also a rarity). If you are looking for a great analog handheld that is easy to program manually, has extended coverage and just seems to receive forever without a battery change.... My daughter just found it again in my moved boxes from 9 and 1/2 years goo.. Just have to replace the battery holder (less than 2 dollars! The Shack and GRE don't make 'em like this anymore.

Radio shack pro-60 manual:

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