Cisco aironet 350 series manual

Cisco Wireless Networking with WindowsXP

If a single fragment transmit error occurs, only that fragment will have to be retransmitted instead of the whole packet.

Cisco - Password Recovery Procedure for the Cisco Aironet.

Use a low setting in areas with poor communication or with a great deal of radio interferencefrequency - Channel Frequency in MHz (applicable to ad-hoc mode only)join-net (time; default: 10) - an amount of time,during which the interface operating in ad-hoc mode will try to connect to an existing network rather than create a new one long-retry-limit (integer: 0..128; default: 16) - specifies the number of times an unfragmented packet is retried before it is droppedmode (infrastructure | ad-hoc; default: infrastructure) - operation mode of the cardmodulation (cck | default | mbok; default: cck) - modulation mode u (integer: 256..2048; default: 1500) - Maximum Transmission Unitname (name) - descriptive interface namerts-threshold (integer: 0..2312; default: 2312) - determines the packet size at which the interface issues a request to send (RTS) before sending the packet.

<i>Cisco</i> - Password Recovery Procedure for the <i>Cisco</i> <i>Aironet</i>.

Cisco IOS Software Confuration Guide for Cisco Aironet Access.

Submenu level: /interface pc CISCO/Aironet 2.4GHz card is an interface for wireless networks operating in IEEE 802.11b standard.

Cisco Aironet 350 Series PCI 802.11b Wireless Network Card - AIR.

If the wireless interface card is not registered to an AP, the green status led is blinking fast.

Cisco aironet 350 series manual:

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