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Pre WWI military antiques (28) Pre WWI military insnia (49) WWI US military antiques (81) WWII vehicle related (38) WWII snal corps (33) WWII uniforms, hats.

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Clothing (74) WWII Ordnance Worker Patches (24) WWII US shoulder patches (217) WWII distinctive unit insnia (108) WWII Air corps/forces insnia (101) WWII miscellaneous insnia (284) WWII USMC items (64) WWII souvenir items (139) WWII Ordnance items, ammo (28) WWII military edged weapons (31) WWII US weapon related (101) WWII military field gear (37) WWII US medical collectables (40) WWII US ski troop equipment (33) WWII misc.

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FM 31-21 Army Field Manual-Guerrilla Warfare and Special

Militaria (184) WWII Magazines (3) WWII military books (79) WWII milit field & other manuals (30) WWII military cal manuals (72) Ballantine's military books (28) Books on WWII history (293) Vietnam US militaria (244) US military insnia (159) US military patches (592) US Navy shoulder rocker patches (283) US Navy Uniform Patches (222) USMC Uniform Patches (25) US Air Force uniform patches (438) US military unit insnia, DI's (328) US military medals (61) US military challenge coins (287) Military edged weapons (11) Military weapon related (67) US GI issue clothing (52) Rappelling equipment (3) Military field gear (47) Military misc.

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