Nighthawk carbon monoxide detector instruction manual

Instructions for The Kidde AC Carbon Monoxide

I've had a carbon monoxide detector for eht years.

Carbon monoxide alarm - carbon monoxide detector

It's the Nhthawk brand, which plugs into a wall outlet.

My <em>carbon</em> <em>monoxide</em> <em>detector</em> always reads zero Archive -

My carbon monoxide detector always reads zero Archive -

It has never registered any number other than zero even though we have a woodstove (used on cold nhts) and the wife is fond of scented candles- she sometimes burns several simultaneously.


We live in a town which has exceptionally clean air but I'd think the CO detector should read something other than zero sometimes. A car with modern emissions controls (catalytic converter) will read zero on CO.

Nighthawk carbon monoxide detector instruction manual:

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