Angelcare monitor manual ac401 flashing h

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Have to agree with previous posters which I wish I'd read before buying this unit.

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Going by the choice magazine review, it got an OK recommendation but I have to say I am extremely disappointed.<b>Angelcare_</b>.

Uncomplicated, simple to use and does exactly what it should. What's the point of a monitor to make sure you wake to your child in another room if it simply disconnects during the nht and you never hear them..

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I don't know what has happened to the other negative reviews because not a problem in the world here. I find myself getting a few hours sleep then waking in a mad panic because I'm not sure if the monitor is actually off as I've not heard a peep. Hi Miki, Sleep is hard enough to get as a parent without worrying about your monitor. We would suggest checking the environment within 1m of the parent uni...

Angelcare monitor manual ac401 flashing h:

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