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View more examples The Tee Chart Active X charting component provides a large selection Financial and Statistical Indicators that perform calculations ranging from basic mean; Mode Function, Median Function to the more complex statistical and financial functions. " 32-bit / 64-bit Active X components -for Visual Studio .

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A specific list of current Functions and Indicators may be viewed at the Features section below. Wind-Rose series is a polar chart showing geographical coordinates around the circle. Includes many properties to enhance the surface chart; color palette, border, pattern, null values, wire-frame, dots, surface sides, marks, gradients, inverted axes, etc. Net, Visual Basic, Visual C , Delphi, Visual Studio 6, IIS / ASP-Powerbuilder, MS Office Suite and many other Windows COM aware programming environments-Fully scriptable under Internet Explorer using VBScript or Java Script-Supports VBA and ASP (Active Server Pages) Use the full power of the Tee Chart Active X Control on the server: Database enabled and with all export formats for use in your ASP, ISAPI, CGI or MTS application.

EN / ACS800 Standard Control Program Firmware <strong>Manual</strong>

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The graphical display may include more than one series at the same time, each one with specific properties. Direct stream output as a browser independent format or the lightweight AX client control for AX aware Browsers, with a fully navigable, event driven Chart to work interactively with server sourced data. Area - Financial: Candle OHLC, Point and Figure, Volume, Volume Pipe, Darvas Boxes, Equi Volume - Statistical: Ternary, High-Low, High-Low Line, Waterfall, Color Grid, Histogram, Horiz.

EN / ACS800 Standard Control Program Firmware Manual

60 chart types and variations including: - Standard: Line, Bar, Area, Pie, Fast Line, Point (Scatter), Bubble, Arrow, Gantt, Shape, Horiz. Histogram, Error, Error Bar, Error Point, Box Plot, Horiz.

Foxpro 3 x code manual:

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