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Full Bridge mode Tutorialbridging the ADSL modem This applies to adsl modem / router users So you have just purchased a wireless router and wish to connect it to your Modem / router In Australia , almost every device sold as an ADSL modem is actually both a modem and a router combined , thus we already have a router in our lan.

Prolink H5004N Manual - SetupRouter

The issue arises when you try to connect another router behind this confuration , and end up having 2 dhcp servers and 2 nat's ( creating issues for port forwarding and the like, in some cases where the same brand products are used the ip addresses will conflict and the devices will not connect at all when the are connected together ).

<em>Prolink</em> H5004N <em>Manual</em> - SetupRouter

Wireless-N 1-Port ADSL2+ Modem/Router - PROLiNK

STEP 1 To avoid the above situation it is recommended that you enable full Bridge mode on the modem / router that connects you currently to the internet and let your new wireless router control all function within your Lan and the connection to the internet ( you will enter all details into the new router including isp username and password ect ).

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The link below will guide you to the user manual for your modem / router, or use the user manual provided with your modem router to determine how to set your particular modem / router into full bridge mode . a=h_models ( select your device and look at the bottom for user guides ) Once you have found your modem's user guide , look for bridge mode usually this is found under the authentication section along with pppoe and pppoa ect STEP 2 once you have set your modem to full bridge mode and saved the conf and restarted the unit , you will lose connectivity with the modem / router This is normal and is what is required to proceed to the next step.

Prolink h5001n manual pdf:

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