Rotork iq manual e170e


Manual valve actuators do not require an outside power source. Rotork Gears Series IS operators are Multi-turn devices intended for the operation of gate, globe, sluice and penstock valves.


They use a handwheel or lever to drive a series of gears whose ratio results in a hher output torque compared to the input (manual) torque. These gearboxes are suitable for manual and motorised applications. The AB range of quarter-turn operators have a cast iron housing and are intended for applications in chemical, power, waterworks, HVAC and most general industrial applications. The Rotork man POWER range provides hh-integrity fail-safe valve operation without the need for any external power supply.

<em>Rotork</em> E120E IQ brochure - 电动执行机构

Rotork E120E IQ brochure - 电动执行机构

Manual Valve Actuators: Learn more Complete range of manual declutchable sandwich override quarter turn gearboxes for double acting pneumatic actuators. The self-contained system is suitable for workshop or field mounting on a wide...

Rotork Actuators on Black Liquor Recovery Boilers - blrbac

The WGS range of quarter-turn operators are desned for heavy-duty subsea applications at any depth with carefully chosen materials to offer the hhest level of reliability required in this very...

Rotork iq manual e170e:

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