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Once upon a time, for instance, I would gladly give over space in my bag or endure a great lump in my jacket pocket for a dedicated GPS device, such was its unique appeal. I usually prefer to go with Co Pilot and the built-in GPS receiver in my phone rather than lug an extra device around, despite the fact that a dedicated device with a larger screen is normally a bit more convenient to use in the car.

Route 66 Mini Regional Sat-Nav review -

Route 66's latest sat-nav - the Mini - has at least made me think twice about that choice.

<strong>ROUTE</strong> 66 Maps + Navation Follow Me -

ROUTE 66 Maps + Navation Follow Me -

Drew Knowles is a photographer and writer with insatiable interests in ruins, ghost towns, cemeteries, automobilia, and Route 66.

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His Route 66 work in particular enjoys wide appeal.

Route 66 sat nav manual:

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