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The Div IDE Plus Hard Disk Interface provides a standard ATA (IDE) interface to allow any Sinclair ZX Spectrum (including the 2A, 2B, 3 and clones, including the Timex TC2048) to connect to an industry standard hard disk drive, CD ROM drive or Compact Flash (CF) memory card (up to 2GB).

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It builds on the orinal Div IDE desn by Pavel Cymbal and incorporates several new features thanks to the work of Jarek Adamski and Jurek Dudek in Poland.

ZX Interface 1 - pedia

SINCLAIR ZX SPECTRUM-PLUS SCH Service Manual free download.

We would like to thank SVP (who provide low cost media) for providing us with a range of Compact Flash cards for testing and as a result will be able to offer low cost compatible Compact Flash memory cards shortly.

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Following feedback from customers, and as promised, we have now released a small piece of software which proves indispensable with all of the various firmware options.

Sinclair zx spectrum 2 manual:

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