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By Richeyma Matt Richey shows you how he changed out his factory ADD hubs and switched over to Warn's manual hubs here.

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The info here should also be able to be used if you use the Toyota Aisin manual hubs too.

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Replacing Toyota ADD Hubs with Warn Manual Locking Hubs: Tools Required: - Jack - Hammer - Flathead Screw Driver - 12mm wrench/socket - Torque wrench with 12mm socket - 4mm allen wrench I.

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REMOVE WHEEL If you need directions for this, you probably should take your vehicle to a service shop and have them replace the hubs! REMOVE CENTER CAP Place a flathead screwdriver being the center cap and tap gently with a hammer. Use the screw driver to pry the cap all the way off. REMOVE NUTS AND LOCK WASHERS Using a 12mm wrench or socket wrench, remove the nuts and lock washers holding the ADD hub in place.

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